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A Baker’s Cabinet has loosely been refered to as a Hoosier cabinet due to the large number sold by “The Hoosier Manufacturing Company” in the 1900’s. Originally a typical baker’s cabinet would consist of a table with drawers, bins for flour, potatos, spices, cereal, or meal. The upper shelfs would include areas for baked pies to cool off, dishes, baking supplies, or utensils. Some models contained glass doors, fold out ironing boards, pie coolers, clocks, cardboard incripted oven temperature charts, and numerious baking recipes. In the Midwest Ohio region, around the turn of the century, a few small furniture companies began to mass produce these free standing kitchen cabinets, turning the average kitchen into the so called modern age. They were every wifes dream for her kitchen.

These company’s accommodated the independent home baker to store all the items needed right at their fingertips. Built in flour bins with sifters, sugar/salt containers, sugar jar swing out units, grinders, grinder mounts, apple pealers, spice racks, and sets of spice jars were helpful. Large bottom cabinets provided storage for utensils, pots, pans, and accessories with pull out lower shelving for quick access.

A work table top attached to the cabinet provided space to roll out the dough and prepare breads and pastries. Various materials such as wood butcher block, zinc, and aluminum were used for work station tops, the most popular and healthiest was porcelain. Mounting brackets on the lower cabinet sides were used to lift the upper cabinet above the work table so it could extend out, in most cases 12″ for a larger working space.

Roll up tambour doors were used on the top section as a sanitary means, and ant proof casters with vinager were placed at the bottom of the legs. This kept the bugs/pests from crawling up into the cabinets while being used. The Hoosier maker, Boone Cabinet Company designed their units, using over 300 women for advise, which proved to set a new market trend for numerious uses of Hoosier’s/Baker’s Cabinet’s.

Now a widely popular antique, the Hoosier/Baker’s Cabinet continues to provide many uses today. In the photos below you can review a vast selection of cabinets at our warehouse. These cabinets sell quickly and are hard to keep in stock. Some are in as found condition with most being completly refinished. (WE HAVE QUITE A FEW ADDITIONAL HOOSIER CABINETS NOT PICTURED, AWAITING REFINISHING)! Please call ahead for availability!

Do you have questions in regards to a Bakers Cabinet or Hoosier? Please ask! We have vast industry knowledge that can help to answer your questions or enlighten you as to what type/model cabinet and accessory you actually have.

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