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Brimfield Antique Show
New England’s Largest Outdoor Antique & Collectible Shows
RT 20, Brimfield Massachusetts.

  REOPENING  JULY 14 -18, 2021

Brimfield Antique Show….Town wide, With as many as 4000 plus-dealers selling wares….

For us this is more than an outdoor antique show, it’s our family event 3 times a year (MAY-JULY-SEPTEMBER) .  You can find us in New England Motel’s field along the front of the road, spaces 25-26-27, alongside up to 400 other dealers. Our current operation covers 3 oversized tents filled with a huge selection of Vintage furniture and collectibles ready for use in your home or office. Our field opens on Wednesday morning at 6 a.m and closes at 5 p.m (unless crowds are present) . We sell thru Sunday until about 3 p.m. We have a great time selling outdoors at Brimfield, Massa chusetts and hope to meet you soon!

Daily we meet people from all over the world who ventured out in all types of weather conditions. Wear your hat and walking shoes. Bring a wheeled baskets, sachel, rope, blankets, and a large enough vehichle to transport your new treasures. Delivery is available but at a cost. Cash is preferred, some dealers are prepared to take credit cards and or checks. There are ATM machines available, but when spending is good, they empty out quick!. There are plenty of Food Vendors available – most prefer cash.

With so many dealers, this show has various opening times for different fields located within the town each day, starting Tuesday and running thru to Sunday. Some fields charge admission on opening day @ $5.00/7.00 per person. The costs are warranted to help the promoter to cover operation expenses, making for a safe and carefree visit. Parking is another fee to be expected -generally $5.00 to $10.00. Park close to New England Motel to be central to all the fields.

Plan to visit for one or more days, it is worth the time off from your everyday job.

Put the upcoming dates on your calendar.
Be prepared to find something you didn’t expect to buy!
For more information go to www.antiques-brimfield.com or www.brimfieldshow.com
To get space information to sell in New Enland Motel,
contact John D at nemotelbrimfield@charter.net

Scroll down for some photos of Brimfield and our crew!

Great photo of our dear friends, Bill and Lill Konair!

What an honor to have shared over 20 years with them in Brimfield! Lill got us started in Brimfield during the 1989 fall show!

Rows and Rows of Antiques!

Selection of Baker’s cabinets

Outstanding selections, lots of fun in the sun or rain!  

Curious spectators

John Sr, Sophia, granddaughter and Carissa (our daughter)

Our son Jimmy with Bobby D. 

Our faithful crews have changed thru out the years- family, friends and paid workers-  all working together up loading the trucks! We could not do what we do without the loving support of our family and friends. Brimfield is in their blood……

*We're a little tired, a little wired and it's *TIME TO GO TO BRIMFIELD!!!!

Looking for a special item…..
Email us at zs@zsantiques.com and give us the details of the item you are looking for. We will send you photos of what we have in stock and provide you with additional information as to where you may be able to locate the item. We also have a carpenter that can duplicate most any item, convert full beds into doubles, replace missing carvings, make table leaves, etc.

Please ask for additional help in regards to your needs.

Do you have antiques that you want to insure but not sure of the value to insure them for? John is a National licenced appraiser, in the business for over 40 years and specializes in antiques. Insurance values greatly differ in the antiques market. Don’t be caught short of coverage in case of a fire or theft.

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